Soft Targets is a web series starring Rakhee Morzaria, Cydney Penner and John-Riley O’Handley
and created by Adam Rankin, Darcy Bruce and Leah-Simone Bowen.

Episode 1: All Out of Towels

Nance & Stace phone it in at the gym.

Episode 2: Her Has a Name

Radical lifestyle changes.

Episode 3: It’s in Regards to the Stealing

Nance & Stace sincerely apologize.

Episode 4: Dress For the Job You Had

Nance & Stace consider their biggest weakness.

Episode 5: That’ll be $26.50

A competition for Employee-of-the-Month. The boy. Not the title.

Episode 6: Basically Trent’s Girlfriend

A break-in and awkward introductions.

Episode 7: The Girl I Always Dreamed Of

Nance & Stace rethink their friendship.